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Why Do Women Hide Their Gambling Addiction?

gambling women

A lot of women have been known to feel embarrassed when they feel the need to seek some mental treatment for gambling addiction; that is why they tend to hide their problems for as long as possible. In most cases, it becomes counter-productive and becomes an even bigger issue. It is not at all uncommon for some women to start gambling at an older age, when they are feeling lonely and when they have nothing to do with the time. Most women start their gambling when that shouldn’t have left home or when their spouses have distanced themselves or if the spouse has passed on. You can see that when you enter a casino, you will notice a lot of older-aged women.

Getting the help that a person would need to figure out the triggers and also restoring the quality of life is essential. A lot of people do not tend to accept the fact that they have a gambling addiction, let alone seek help.

I feel that it is very important to know that it takes a lot of courage and strength to accept the fact that you have a gambling addiction and then do something about it. I feel the biggest hurdle that you will have to clear is telling your friends and family about it. Being vulnerable in front of individuals is incredibly admirable and something that not a lot of people can do. It takes a lot of courage to be able to admit the fact that you need help, and also you should know that it takes even more courage to accept help from people. People want to put forth that they are independent and that they do not need any help and also that they are self-sustaining. That is why, it is incredibly admirable if a person knows how to accept help and love.


You should be participating in a female-focused gambling treatment retreat or rehabilitation centre activity, if you are infected with gambling addiction. You should use all of your potential and your emotional capacity to make sure that you go through some rehabilitation, so that you can get rid of gambling addiction from your life. Your mission should be to create a safe environment for yourself that allows you to slow down and begin the healing process, away from addictive gambling hobbies. You should make sure you update your friends and family members about your progress. Make sure that you never push them away, because they are your loved ones and they want the best for you.

To avoid gambling addiction, you should be vigilant at all times and make sure that you see gambling as a casual form of entertainment.

Understanding the Gambling Nature of Women

Gambling Nature of Women

The gambling industry is flourishing today due to the introduction of new online gambling platforms that can be accessed by anyone. One change that the casino industry is seeing today is the growth of women players in gambling-related events. What is more interesting is that women have shown different behavior in gambling than men. Their habits, strategies, discipline, and choice of games are way different than men. In this quick guide, we will try to learn everything about women and their gambling nature.

Women prefer lottery and slot machines

slot machines

According to recent studies, women are more interested in slot games and lotteries than table games. Slot machines are more social and provide better entertainment than table games. Women usually hand out with friends to play slots so they can all enjoy the game together. There are many reasons for their interest in these games, which include bigger payouts, group experiences, entertainment, quick games, and fewer strategy requirements. Women tend to have lesser patience than men to wait for the outcomes. Due to this reason, you will find more loitering in the slot machine aisles more than the tables as they are quick, simple, and rewarding.

The winning mindset of women

Unlike men, women are found to only care about the wins and nothing else. Men, on the other side, have more expectations from the games. They prefer games like poker, blackjack, baccarat because they find more opportunities in these games to be competitive. They want to use the best strategy to win the game. There is a sense of pride among men to beat their opponents with their skills. This is why men are found to be playing skill bases games, whereas women are found on the games of chances and rewards. You can see the couples playing roulette more often because it is a game that consists of both strategies and chances, making it fun for both genders.

How do women deal with losses

Studies have also shown that women react differently to the losses when compared to men. Men have been found to become more aggressive and irritated from the games when they experience severe losses. They put their anger on the game and often show their aggression by slamming the machines or kicking the tables. On the other hand, women are found to become sad and anxious after facing losses. They let emotions, which usually involve crying, sad expressions, and signs of depression. Considering how both men and women deal with their losses, men are more vulnerable to experiencing tilt and making more mistakes, whereas women usually feel bad about losing and give up on the game, saving their money. Their nature of anxiety automatically shuts them down from gambling more and makes them safer in terms of becoming a compulsive gambler.



Why Do Women Gamble?

Women Gambling

In this guide, I will be taking a closer look at why women gamble. Technology, social norms and accessibility have all made it incredibly easy for people to gamble. People can just go on the Internet and go on an online casino site and start gambling, if they wanted to. Most people do this if they are not near a physical casino. There are so many factors that have evolved alongside the entire world of gambling over the past few decades. I’m sure you have asked yourself the question, why do people gamble? Well, the answer is pretty simple. People gamble because they want some entertainment. They like the fact that it is completely possible that they could win a lot of money, if they play the right hands and if luck is on their side.

In this guide, I will talk about some gambling behaviours of women.

gambling women


It is actually safe to say that when it comes to gambling, the majority of men and women have many preferences. Men have been known to prefer individual casino play, but, women always love visiting casinos in groups. Men have proven that they like playing games like video poker, blackjack, poker, and these games require a lot of strategies. Men have been known to prefer games where they think they can actually beat the house, and they want an optimal chance of winning. Women actually prefer games of chance, where men prefer games of skill. It has been said that men visit casinos so that they can display their competence and show their friends, partners or even strangers. Women like to play games and casinos because of the social aspect, according to a recent survey.

In the year 2017, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission actually studied the gambling habits in women and men. The study showed that 44% of women in the UK had gambled in the last one month. It also said that 53% of men in the UK had gambled in the last month. Some more studies have shown that women prefer playing social games which require very less concentration. They like playing games like bingo, slots, Keno, lottery and more.

They say that slot machines are incredibly entertaining. They say that slot machines are visual and the slot machines have a lot of pop culture influence, which makes it incredibly enjoyable.


It also says that women have been known to prefer group experiences and group games and that they don’t like to play games which require strategy. Lotteries and slot machines don’t require a lot of investments in terms of time.

These were a few points as to why women gamble and how their behaviour is, when they gamble.

Sexism In The Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

Sexism in the video gaming industry is actually produced behaviour based on discrimination against gender, and it is experienced by the individuals who play and also create video games. This could actually manifest as sexual harassment or in the way some genders are represented in the games. I’m talking about the characters and the stereotypes that they face. Sometimes there could be some sexism without even meaning it. I will be talking about the many different kinds of sexism in the gaming industry down below.

Harassment is one of the first issues is that I would like to tackle, when it comes to sexism in the gaming industry. Harassment can actually involve sexist insults or even comments. It can also involve demanding of sexual favours in exchange for real or even virtual money. It also means a criticism of the presence or dressing sense of an individual. In some cases, female players are stalked on the games. This is a significant form of sexism and a big problem in the gaming industry. Women are actually starting to get into the gaming industry more and more, nowadays. Most women are actually marginalised as intruders, and it is also assumed that they do not play video games at all. Some men have been known to insult a woman who plays violent games, and they are also called mainly women, if they play these games. They are also looked at in funny manners if they are seen buying violent games. I feel that game developers should make more games which cater to the female population as well. Some women actually saw that there non sexualised female characters were rejected by the gaming companies and, they also said that the female characters should have some sexual appeal. This is definitely counted as harassment.

online gaming

Insults are actually very frequent on online gaming. It is not only towards women; there are a lot of insults thrown on men as well. You can actually expect a lot of racism and homophobia, when it comes to online gaming. There are many derogatory words relating to homophobia and homosexuality, which are used in online gaming. I am not even a little surprised that sexism is a huge part of it as well.

I want to stress that, the whole notion that women do not play video games is incredibly stupid. Because, women are human beings and they also deserve entertainment. The whole point of a video game is that it is incredibly entertaining. I feel that it is okay if a woman buys a violent game, if she likes to play it. It should be her choice. People should stop being sexist and let people be who they want to be.

Similarities And Differences Between Male And Female Gamers

Male And Female Gamers

Women actually account for 46% of all gaming in the world. That would mean that 54% of the given population are men. Making use of fresh insights from a very recent consumer research from almost 15 countries, I have explored the topic of gender similarities and some differences when it comes to gaming. The audiences that I have considered are from ages 10-60. It is incredibly important for all kinds of gaming businesses to completely comprehend that women AND men, both love playing video games. Some companies do not get that yet, because I see so many games catered to the male population. It is also incredibly important that the gaming companies understand how men and women interact with the gaming world and the games as well. They need to know how they respond to certain games and make changes accordingly.

Why? Because, at the end of the day, the point of a game is to entertain and fascinate its audience/players. Games should make people experience emotions of happiness, entertainment, excitement, wonder and more. A good that takes us on an emotional rollercoaster is a great game indeed.

There are so many platforms where different people prefer different games. It all depends on the kind of game that we are playing.


If we are looking at the gender and the age range, I see that almost 46% of all gamers across these countries that I mentioned earlier are women, and I feel that it is also important to recognise that men still hold the majority percentage and the age range would be 21-35. Different platforms will give us different results. Mobile gaming is undoubtedly on the rise, and since the advent of mobile phone, technology started getting really great with smartphones. Smartphones have actually changed the game for billions of individuals. I can easily say that it is one of the best inventions of mankind because it makes such a difference in so many of our lives. Gaming companies saw this as a lucrative opportunity and made sure that you could play spectacular games in the devices which were in the palm of your hand. It definitely made all the difference in the world, and I can say that women of all ages started loving this.


I have cousins who adore playing games on my phone, and I also have grandparents who are so fascinated by certain games on the mobile phones. They cater to people of all ages, and that’s where we have to appreciate them.

I would say that men and women, with equally appreciate mobile gaming and it will only get better and better as smartphones get getting upgrades.

Tips To Become the Best Female Gambler

Female Gambler

Becoming a professional gambler is a complex process where if you are not too careful, you might end up with an empty bankroll and a gambling compulsion. There are plenty of gambling options available today, from the casinos to sports betting, to the online platforms, each one offering a different gambling experience. The online platforms are the most trending among gamers because of their easy access and a wide variety of games to choose from. Female players have been found to love slot machines, which is giving the developers a hard time to create new games for them every month, so they do not switch the platform. While the opportunities are plenty, there is a wide space for making mistakes. To be a female professional gambler, one must know these things before beginning.

Connect with the pros

the pros

There are women exclusive gambling communities that have the most professional players from around the world, sharing their experiences and tips. You can also use the help of your friend, who is already a pro or at least better than you, and get to know as much information as you can. You can arrange game nights with your friends so you can sit together and enjoy learning the games and making strategies.

Be patient and practice

You cannot become a pro in a single day, even if you are just playing slots. You require the patience of a professional gambler to slowly build your gambling empire. Give yourself enough time to prepare and learn your true potential. A professional never make long leaps unless they are completely sure about their wins. Start small and slowly increase your betting limits until you have a clear idea about your strategies and truly feel safe while taking risks.

Make use of the resources


If slot games are what you are expecting to play online, then there is good news for you! Online casinos provide special bonuses to become a member of their platform. On top of that, they offer free spins to the players so they can enjoy exploring the slot machines. Since there are plenty of slot games available online, it can be hard to find a good game while you are spending real money. Instead, you can use the free spins and explore the games until you find the one that matches your taste and reward requirements. These promotional bonuses help you get a head start without having to spend a penny. It will give you enough time to find an learn a good game.

Do not play for money

The most important discipline that you need to develop at the beginning of your gambling career is to forget about winning money from the games completely. This is the time that you should be spending on learning and studying the strategies for the games. If you are eager to win money from the games, then it can have negative effects on your gambling career. Start healthy with getting enough experience about the game and develop your own strategies to have a constant profit coming from the games.

Psychology Behind Women Gamblers


Gambling is something that can actually incredibly destructive and addictive. I am especially talking about individuals who turned the tables and also to the slots to get away from the stress of their everyday life. Some women initially enjoyed the glamour and the extravagance of casinos, but their mindsets leads them down a path to compulsive gambling, and also it happens to be different from men. In this guide, I will be talking all about the psychological factors behind gambling for women.

  1. They say that it provides them with a lot of excitement. This actually goes back to the glamour and the extravagance of social gambling. They get a rush from winning and also placing some bets. If they had a difficult day, they loved the fact that they can go to a casino and have a couple of moments of excitement. They say that they had little to be happy about in the day and the casino gives them some happiness and excitement. It is also a very well-known fact that most women tend to prefer gambling in a social setting. They love gambling with their friends or people they know, in groups. They feel that it is safer and also less pressured when they are playing with friends. Most women do not like to sit in silence at any casino. There are two types of women in casinos. The kind that has accompanied their partner who wants to gamble, and the kind that actually want to gamble and not sit idle. Psychology
  2. They say that it gives them a proper escape from their everyday lives. A lot of women have been known to internalise a lot of disappointment and stress. Playing with the slot machines helps them block out the stress of their life. Some women have been known to develop some unhealthy gambling habits. Slot machines are bright, and they also have a pop culture theme which helps the women become oblivious to the outside world.gaming
  3. Most women have been known to escape into casinos to get away from the dysfunctional relationships, no matter who the relationship is with. A lot of women have too much on their plates, and they would be experiencing some dysfunctional relationships, abuse or even domestic violence. That is why they turn to gambling for some sort of entertainment. They say that gambling helps them self medicate their minds, and they believe that they are not harming anyone else. Even though they have a devastating emotional and psychological state, they continue with the compulsive gambling habits, and they get themselves into some financial trouble because of this.

These are some of the psychological points behind women and gambling patterns.

Gambling Problem Signs In Women

Gambling Problem Signs

If we are talking about it and in a general manner, when gambling problems come up, men actually show a lot of aggression and anger. At the same time, a recent study says that, women show anxiety and sadness. This study actually included a lot of individuals who went through some problems with gambling. These people told us what they went through and how they faced it. A gambling study which was conducted in the year 2018 found that, women who experienced loneliness and boredom were more susceptible to becoming addicted to gambling. In this study, it was concluded that some women who got bored also started gambling, and they ended up getting addicted to it. Casinos are actually considered to be healthy entertainment. It reaches a point where it becomes an addiction, and we need to do everything to avoid that.

Both men and women have been known to exhibit very different reactions when they face losses in casinos. Some studies have said that men show frustration, anger and aggression and women said that they manifested their feelings in a different way. They said that women sure that emotions by crying, said expressions and depressed body language. I can understand that it can be devastating to lose money, because money does not come by easy for most people in this world. It can be really painful to lose hard-earned money. The United Kingdom gambling commission actually reported that men are twice as likely to be problem gamblers when compared to women. It basically says that women are less susceptible to getting a gambling addiction.

There was a woman who got addicted to gambling by mistake. She said that she was having a great time in the Mirage in Las Vegas, with her buddies. She won a couple of thousand dollars and did not realise that she was hooked. She kept gambling until she lost everything that she had won. She started chasing those losses by building up a huge pile of debt, and that ended up getting her into a huge mess. She realised that she had a gambling addiction when she saw that she couldn’t think about anything else except winning back the money that she had lost, by gambling.


Sometimes you could be addicted to gambling and not even know it. That is why there are simple rules that you should follow. You should walk into a casino with a specific bankroll and stick to it. If you run out of it, you should walk out. Never make use of borrowed money to gamble. It will rarely end well for you.

There are always opposing viewpoints regarding gambling, but one thing is undoubtedly clear. Men and women have different behaviours when it comes to their approach to gambling.

Female Gambling Addiction Facts And Details

Addiction Facts

Anybody can become a gambling addict. It all depends on your situation and how much access you have to gambling. Well, especially in the coronavirus pandemic, people staying in their homes have actually resulted in the increase of traffic on online casino sites. If you have a gambling addiction, it is incredibly dangerous because, casino sites are very accessible on the internet. They are available at our fingertips, any time, any day. We should be really careful, and we should always stay in our limits, when we are gambling. In this guide, I will be talking all about female gambling addicts, and I will be giving you some details about them.


gambling addicts

The very number of female gambling addicts is actually growing faster, when compared to men, since the rise of online casinos. There was the study conducted, and the study concluded that the number is increasing and people should become more vigilant. The number of women who reported gambling problems is actually increasing, and it has crossed the amount of male addicts as well. Gambling therapy experts have said that women always find it much harder to come forward and admit that they have a gambling addiction. They do not know why; they just know that women have a hard time admitting they have an addiction. They also said that they had seen an increase in people gambling on the internet.

The point of online casinos is not to develop addictions, but to make a gambling available to individuals who are not able to visit physical casinos. It has proven that women have actually appreciated the online casinos a little too much. A lot of people have created a stereotype that gambling has shown to be a male problem, but it can be equally difficult to women to deal with the problem as well. A lot of people have said that they feel embarrassed and ashamed about the fact that they have an addiction towards gambling, which is what makes it really hard to come forward with such a problem.

If you know any individuals who are afflicted with gambling addiction, you should make sure that they are not alone and you should do whatever you can to help them, because they need it. Individuals who have been afflicted with gambling addiction reportedly isolate themselves into a gambling habit. They make sure that they are always on a gambling site if they can’t be in a casino all the time. The addiction completely takes over their behaviour, and it can actually separate them from their family, friends and other individuals in their lives. They need all the help they can get.


The study has said that women are also four times as likely to gamble using slot machines and also more likely to become addicts.

Gaming And Women

The gaming industry has always been a male-dominated industry, and that is a fact. No one knows the reason why, but the gaming industry has always been dominated by males. It’s not like females were reprimanded from playing games or anything, but you can actually see the kind of content that is made by gaming companies. You can just look at games like Call Of Duty, Uncharted, Gears Of War, Grand Theft Auto Series, and more. When we look at those games, we can see that these games are all very violent and are made so that a male population can enjoy them. I am not saying that women do not enjoy these games; I am just trying to put out the fact that these kinds of games are actually preferred by men, more than women. I have never actually seen a girl enjoy these kinds of games, ever in my life. The kinds of games that most girls enjoy our games that have some romance, drama, story, beautiful characters and more. I am not trying to establish a stereotype but just stating some opinions and facts, based on what I have seen.

The above statement is not meant to offend anybody, but it is just how it is. I feel that gaming companies should take a look at the kind of games that they offer, and they should try and make more games that would facilitate a female population. For example, Nintendo used to make many kinds of games back in the day, for Nintendo DS. I, myself have seen so many games like Barbie, princess games, makeup tutorial games, Nintendogs (a game where you buy dogs and take them on walks and take care of them), colouring games and more what actually available for this device. There were so many options for teenage girls and toddler girls to play on the Nintendo DS. But, there were also games like Pokémon, Harry Potter, racing games like Mario, and more, for boys. Nintendo actually knew what they were doing, and they created a wide spectrum of games which would facilitate both genders, because they knew that all kinds of kids would want their products, because they were very entertaining.

When I was a kid, you could not see a single child without a Nintendo DS in their hand or in their bag. It actually became the go-to gaming device for millions of children. I, myself purchased a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DSI when I was 10-12 years old. It was a fascinating device for me because there were so many games that I could spend my time on. I used to spend my summer is mastering these games.