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Sexism In The Gaming Industry

Sexism in the video gaming industry is actually produced behaviour based on discrimination against gender, and it is experienced by the individuals who play and also create video games. This could actually manifest as sexual harassment or in the way some genders are represented in the games. I’m talking about the characters and the stereotypes that they face. Sometimes there could be some sexism without even meaning it. I will be talking about the many different kinds of sexism in the gaming industry down below.

Harassment is one of the first issues is that I would like to tackle, when it comes to sexism in the gaming industry. Harassment can actually involve sexist insults or even comments. It can also involve demanding of sexual favours in exchange for real or even virtual money. It also means a criticism of the presence or dressing sense of an individual. In some cases, female players are stalked on the games. This is a significant form of sexism and a big problem in the gaming industry. Women are actually starting to get into the gaming industry more and more, nowadays. Most women are actually marginalised as intruders, and it is also assumed that they do not play video games at all. Some men have been known to insult a woman who plays violent games, and they are also called mainly women, if they play these games. They are also looked at in funny manners if they are seen buying violent games. I feel that game developers should make more games which cater to the female population as well. Some women actually saw that there non sexualised female characters were rejected by the gaming companies and, they also said that the female characters should have some sexual appeal. This is definitely counted as harassment.

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Insults are actually very frequent on online gaming. It is not only towards women; there are a lot of insults thrown on men as well. You can actually expect a lot of racism and homophobia, when it comes to online gaming. There are many derogatory words relating to homophobia and homosexuality, which are used in online gaming. I am not even a little surprised that sexism is a huge part of it as well.

I want to stress that, the whole notion that women do not play video games is incredibly stupid. Because, women are human beings and they also deserve entertainment. The whole point of a video game is that it is incredibly entertaining. I feel that it is okay if a woman buys a violent game, if she likes to play it. It should be her choice. People should stop being sexist and let people be who they want to be.

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