Gambling Problem Signs

Gambling Problem Signs In Women

If we are talking about it and in a general manner, when gambling problems come up, men actually show a lot of aggression and anger. At the same time, a recent study says that, women show anxiety and sadness. This study actually included a lot of individuals who went through some problems with gambling. These people told us what they went through and how they faced it. A gambling study which was conducted in the year 2018 found that, women who experienced loneliness and boredom were more susceptible to becoming addicted to gambling. In this study, it was concluded that some women who got bored also started gambling, and they ended up getting addicted to it. Casinos are actually considered to be healthy entertainment. It reaches a point where it becomes an addiction, and we need to do everything to avoid that.

Both men and women have been known to exhibit very different reactions when they face losses in casinos. Some studies have said that men show frustration, anger and aggression and women said that they manifested their feelings in a different way. They said that women sure that emotions by crying, said expressions and depressed body language. I can understand that it can be devastating to lose money, because money does not come by easy for most people in this world. It can be really painful to lose hard-earned money. The United Kingdom gambling commission actually reported that men are twice as likely to be problem gamblers when compared to women. It basically says that women are less susceptible to getting a gambling addiction.

There was a woman who got addicted to gambling by mistake. She said that she was having a great time in the Mirage in Las Vegas, with her buddies. She won a couple of thousand dollars and did not realise that she was hooked. She kept gambling until she lost everything that she had won. She started chasing those losses by building up a huge pile of debt, and that ended up getting her into a huge mess. She realised that she had a gambling addiction when she saw that she couldn’t think about anything else except winning back the money that she had lost, by gambling.


Sometimes you could be addicted to gambling and not even know it. That is why there are simple rules that you should follow. You should walk into a casino with a specific bankroll and stick to it. If you run out of it, you should walk out. Never make use of borrowed money to gamble. It will rarely end well for you.

There are always opposing viewpoints regarding gambling, but one thing is undoubtedly clear. Men and women have different behaviours when it comes to their approach to gambling.

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