Gaming And Women

The gaming industry has always been a male-dominated industry, and that is a fact. No one knows the reason why, but the gaming industry has always been dominated by males. It’s not like females were reprimanded from playing games or anything, but you can actually see the kind of content that is made by gaming companies. You can just look at games like Call Of Duty, Uncharted, Gears Of War, Grand Theft Auto Series, and more. When we look at those games, we can see that these games are all very violent and are made so that a male population can enjoy them. I am not saying that women do not enjoy these games; I am just trying to put out the fact that these kinds of games are actually preferred by men, more than women. I have never actually seen a girl enjoy these kinds of games, ever in my life. The kinds of games that most girls enjoy our games that have some romance, drama, story, beautiful characters and more. I am not trying to establish a stereotype but just stating some opinions and facts, based on what I have seen.

The above statement is not meant to offend anybody, but it is just how it is. I feel that gaming companies should take a look at the kind of games that they offer, and they should try and make more games that would facilitate a female population. For example, Nintendo used to make many kinds of games back in the day, for Nintendo DS. I, myself have seen so many games like Barbie, princess games, makeup tutorial games, Nintendogs (a game where you buy dogs and take them on walks and take care of them), colouring games and more what actually available for this device. There were so many options for teenage girls and toddler girls to play on the Nintendo DS. But, there were also games like Pokémon, Harry Potter, racing games like Mario, and more, for boys. Nintendo actually knew what they were doing, and they created a wide spectrum of games which would facilitate both genders, because they knew that all kinds of kids would want their products, because they were very entertaining.

When I was a kid, you could not see a single child without a Nintendo DS in their hand or in their bag. It actually became the go-to gaming device for millions of children. I, myself purchased a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DSI when I was 10-12 years old. It was a fascinating device for me because there were so many games that I could spend my time on. I used to spend my summer is mastering these games.

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