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Why Do Women Hide Their Gambling Addiction?

A lot of women have been known to feel embarrassed when they feel the need to seek some mental treatment for gambling addiction; that is why they tend to hide their problems for as long as possible. In most cases, it becomes counter-productive and becomes an even bigger issue. It is not at all uncommon for some women to start gambling at an older age, when they are feeling lonely and when they have nothing to do with the time. Most women start their gambling when that shouldn’t have left home or when their spouses have distanced themselves or if the spouse has passed on. You can see that when you enter a casino, you will notice a lot of older-aged women.

Getting the help that a person would need to figure out the triggers and also restoring the quality of life is essential. A lot of people do not tend to accept the fact that they have a gambling addiction, let alone seek help.

I feel that it is very important to know that it takes a lot of courage and strength to accept the fact that you have a gambling addiction and then do something about it. I feel the biggest hurdle that you will have to clear is telling your friends and family about it. Being vulnerable in front of individuals is incredibly admirable and something that not a lot of people can do. It takes a lot of courage to be able to admit the fact that you need help, and also you should know that it takes even more courage to accept help from people. People want to put forth that they are independent and that they do not need any help and also that they are self-sustaining. That is why, it is incredibly admirable if a person knows how to accept help and love.


You should be participating in a female-focused gambling treatment retreat or rehabilitation centre activity, if you are infected with gambling addiction. You should use all of your potential and your emotional capacity to make sure that you go through some rehabilitation, so that you can get rid of gambling addiction from your life. Your mission should be to create a safe environment for yourself that allows you to slow down and begin the healing process, away from addictive gambling hobbies. You should make sure you update your friends and family members about your progress. Make sure that you never push them away, because they are your loved ones and they want the best for you.

To avoid gambling addiction, you should be vigilant at all times and make sure that you see gambling as a casual form of entertainment.

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